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Treating and advising patients from all walks of life and age groups

Smith & Thomas Injury Rehabilitation Centre
Stockton Cricket Club
52A Oxbridge Avenue
TS18 4JF

Telephone 07534556343

About Us

The clinic is staffed by BSc (hons) Sports Therapists.

Our main aim is to ensure that as many aspects of fitness are maintained during the treatment and rehabilitation process. This gives the patient the best possible chance of being able to return to their normal daily activity.

We are not just for athletes.

Sports therapists believe it is of vital importance to take note of psychological, cultural and social factors which influence their clients. They try and bring the patients into an active role to help make the best of independence and function.

Smith & Thomas has treated and advised patients from all walks of life and age groups. We receive many referrals from a number of different avenues, whether it be occupational health, patients post-surgery or anyone that has sustained a musculoskeletal injury in a non-sporting environment, we can help.

What is Sports Therapy?

Not just for athletes. This is an aspect of healthcare profession, specifically aiming to rehabilitate those who have suffered an injury and educate patients on how to prevent an injury occurring in the future. Occupational and functional fitness is vitally important depending on the patient’s age and ability. By incorporating sport science and physiology we can create a tailor-made rehabilitation programme to allow the patient to return to their activity or work.

As a healthcare professional, a sports therapist can prepare patients for performance, develop prevention strategies that can be put in place for a wide range of activities, provide immediate care for injuries and also perform appropriate sport and remedial massage.

The governing body, The Society of Sports Therapists, require members to continually develop their skills ensuring the patient receives the most up to date treatment methods. Members of the society need to have expert knowledge in several key areas:

  • Injury prevention
  • Recognition and evaluation
  • Injury management, treatment and referral
  • Rehabilitation
  • Education and professional practice issues.

Within these areas a sports therapist is educated to degree level, having a high amount of practical ability, as well as being able to justify treatment methods with a philosophy of evidence base practice. Therefore, all our staff have clearly defined competency levels covering the broad spectrum of maintaining health.

About Chloe

Chloe is the other half of Smith & Thomas and has been since she graduated from Teesside University with 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy. Before graduating Chloe gained knowledge treating semi-professional footballers from a number of teams in the Teesside area, the teams ranged from 18-40 years giving her a wealth of experience. Whilst at university Chloe also obtained a placement in a private practice, focusing on insurance claims and work related injuries. A big part of experience came from the Student Sports Injury Clinic within Teesside University. This developed her skills using the ultrasound machine, as well as learning several strapping techniques for prevention of injury. The massage clinic is another area in which Chloe has years of experience pre and post university, allowing her to excel at this discipline.

Post- graduation Chloe has started working in different sporting environments, one of which being rugby. Her work with Stockton Rugby Club has massively enhanced her working knowledge of both injury assessment and treatment methods. Coupled with this is her work with Stockton Cricket Club, where again a variety of injuries has given her an all rounded understanding of the musculoskeletal system and has also given her familiarity with the under 16 population. While working at Smith & Thomas, Chloe has been renowned for successfully diagnosing and treating various work related injuries, specifically back pain. By gaining a rapport with her patients, she has had many recommendations from both current and past patients.

Chloe is a full accredited member of the Society of Sports Therapists and regularly participates in Smith & Thomas CPD events, ensuring she has the most up to date assessment and treatment methods, which secures her membership. As well as this, she also attends several external events and courses, further enhancing her knowledge. Chloe is fully qualified in emergency first aid, alongside this she has also gained a qualification in kinesiology taping application 1 & 2.


Book a session now:

  • Initial Consultation £30.00 duration 45minutes.
  • Treatment Session £30.00 duration 45minutes.
  • Sports Massage £30.00 duration 40minutes or £25.00 for 30minutes.
  • Home Call Service £40.00 duration 45minutes (Within the Stockton area, additional charges will apply for other Teesside areas).

It is advisable that you bring a pair of shorts to your initial assessment, particularly if you have a lower back, hip or lower leg injury. Please come appropriately dressed.

We also supply a vast amount of gym supplements at a discounted price. Please contact for further details.


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